17, 19. 21 & 23 Station Road

An Ancient Enclosure

The story of these houses begins with an old enclosure of land extending to 1a 2r 6p, having Church Farm Lane as its northern boundary and Station Road (in the past Odsey Way or sometimes Church Street) on the west. On the east was land of Church Farm and on the south, open field land of Richard Beaumont, which was bought by 1816 by the Earl of Hardwicke, owner of Church Farm.

This enclosure, however, was part of Cheyney Manor, owned by Lord Willoughby de Broke and by family descent it passed to Henry Peto Verney, who sold the Cheyney Manor Estate in 1829 to Joshua Lilley of Bassingbourn. When Joshua died in 1848 the Manor passed to his son George Lewis Lilley, who sold it in 1859. The Cheyney Water Farm in the village was sold as one lot and Cheyney Lodge Farm at Odsey as another. Various cottages and plots of land were sold as individual lots to various buyers. This enclosure of land was Lot 8 in the 1859 sale.

Dwelling houses

On the Enclosure Map 1817 no buildings are shown on this plot. However, the Enclosure Map was primarily a record of land, especially of the previous open fields, so omission of buildings on an old enclosure is not conclusive evidence that none were present. By the time of the Tithe Map 1839, two semi-detached tenemenst – nos 21 and 23 Station Road today, are shown. These two tenements were originally thatched and looking at their construction are likely to date from about 1830, around the time that Joshua Lilley bought the estate.

The other tenements – nos 17 and 19 Station Road today – are shown on the 1859 Sale Plan and were built with a slate roof, which suggests they were erected just after 1850, when the arrival of the railway first provided easy transport of heavy building materials from elsewhere. That would also fit with the time that George Lilley had inherited the estate and he was perhaps looking to increase the stock of cottages available to house his workers? They are standing and occupied by the time of the 1851 Census on 30 March.

After the 1859 Sale

The origin of this plot of land is, thus, well-recorded and the dates of erection of the tenements, also fixed with a degree of accuracy. Then comes the sale in 1859 and whether this plot – Lot 8 – was sold or to whom are unclear.

Based on subsequent evidence (circumstantial at best!) it seems likely that one of the tenants, James Jarman 1812-1871 bought Lot 8 with the four dwellings. His wife was Susan nee Wright 1813-1893 and they had a daughter Emma 1847-1915, who married John Charter 1847-1939.

James appears to have been the owner until his death in 1871, when his widow Susan assumed ownership and when she died in 1884, daughter Emma and son-in-law John Charter inherited, until John died 1939.

Meanwhile, Nos 21 & 23 possibly passed in the 1880s to James’ son Charles Jarman 1844-1924 and in 1921 to his daughter Mary Ann, who had married George Potton 1875-1922. Following George’s early death, Mary Ann was left the owner of both houses. Charles George Potton, their son inherited from his mother in 1964.

A comprehensive listing of the those who lived in these house from 1839 to 1939 is provided below.

The subsequent modern history of the four dwellings will be covered on, further pages, with one specific to each house.

Enclosure Map 1817

The ancient enclosure is outlined in red. No buildings are shown on this plot. It was part of the Cheyney Manor and was a detached arable field or possibly pasture. The owner Lord Willoughby de Broke was a descendent of the Cheyney family.

Tithe Map 1839

The ancient enclosure, outlined in red, is still the same dimensions and is plot number 19. A double tenement - two cottages- is shown roughly in the centre of the roadside frontage. Today these are Nos 21 and 23.

Occupiers of the Four Cottages

Nos 1839 1841 1851 1859
17 Not built Not built William Kirbyshire William Kirbyshire
19 Not built Not built William Parish James Jarman
21 Another Eliza Dellar William Dellar Elizabeth (Eliza) Dellar
23 John Evans John Evans Thomas Evans Thomas Evans
Nos 1861 1871 1881 1891
17 William Kirbyshire William Kirbyshire Reuben Pateman Reuben Pateman
19 James Jarman James Jarman Susan Jarman John Charter
21 Eliza Dellar David Gray John Jackson David Watts
23 Thomas Evans Thomas Evans Thomas Evans Charles Jarman


1911 1921


17 Reuben Pateman Cornelius Kirbyshire Cornelius Kirbyshire Cornelius Kirbyshire
19 John Charter John Charter John Charter John Charter
21 David Watts David Watts David Watts Arthur Chandler
23 Charles Jarman Charles Jarman Charles Jarman Mary A Potton


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