21 Station Road, Bunroy

The origins and pre-1921 history of this house are here 17, 19, 21 & 23 Station Road

The Story from 1921 

Owned by the Wimpole Estate from 1859, Walter Charter of 38 Cherryhinton Road, Cambridge acquired this plot and all four cottages at the 1911 Wimpole Estate dispersal sale. On 7 September 1921 Walter sold No 21 & No 23 to George Potton, who lived on The Green. George died 23 January 1922 and ownership passed to his widow Mary Ann, who died 8 January 1964, when ownership passed to their only child Charles George Potton.

Charles George sold No 21 on 28 January 1965 to John Fraser and Agnes Fraser and the introduction of the house name Bunroy, which is a Scottish place name, appears to date from the Frasers acquisition of the property. Only a relatively small portion of the rear garden was included with the sale and the major part was absorbed into the garden of No 23.

A feature of this property is that it has been let out by various owners over the years. More details are given below.



Dates Owners Notes
Pre-1921 Walter Charter
1921-1922 George Potton Died
1922-1964 Mary Ann Potton Widow
1964-1965 Charles George Potton Son
1965-1966 John Fraser & Agnes Fraser
1967 ?
1968-1969 Peter H Alton
1970 Peter H Alton & Ann S Alton
1970-1973 Margaret Watts Beadle & Diane C Beadle
1973-1975 Margaret Watts Beadle
1975-1996 E W Pepper Ltd
1996-Today Clare Ryman-Tubb



Dates Occupiers Notes
Pre 1921-1934 David Watts
1934-1947 Arthur Edward Chandler
1947-1964 Elizabeth Chandler widow
1965-1975 Owners as table above
1975-1976 David W Desborough & Norma R Desborough
1977-1990 Irene A Tookey
1991-1992 Diane Klisyzynska
1993-1996 Sean P Redrup & Sharon E Redrup
1996-1999 Owner as table above
1999-2002 Nigel T Bradley & Catherine L Somers Bradley
2002-? ?


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