1 & 3 Station Road

These two detached houses were built by developers Wrights (Langford) Ltd in 1980-83. They assembled the plot of land by acquiring Watt’s Plot and Mayflower Cottage, 1 Church Farm Lane and subsequently re-selling Mayflower Cottage with a reduced garden. Click on the links for the histories of the two original plots, although for background some older maps are also below on this page.

Wrights applied for planning permission for erection of 2 houses adjacent to Mayflower Cottage, Church Street on 19 June 1980 and permission was granted 1 September 1980. Traditionally, Church Street continued until the junction with Church Farm Lane, whereas today Station Road is considered to begin immediately after The Waggon & Horses.

On completion, No 1 was sold on 1 September 1983 to Peter Andrew King and Doreen Ann King and No 2 on 17 October 1983 to Michael John Beggs & Doris Ethel Beggs.

Both houses were built with double garages, but about 1990 the garages at No 3 were converted into part of the living accommodation.

Owners of the houses

No 1

Dates Names Notes
1983-1994 Peter Andrew King & Doreen Ann King From 1 Sep
1995-1996 ??
1996-Today June Marie Odette Stringer From 27 Mar

No 3

Date Names Notes
1983-1984 Michael John Beggs & Doris Ethel Beggs From 17 Oct
1985-1992 Clive W Gilley & Karen B Gilley
1993-Today Anna Mary Pye From 20 Apr


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