64 Hay Street

This plot was part of the land that traditionally went with Orchard Cottage, 58 Hay Street lying to the north. The land was split into two plots in the mid-1970s and two new houses were built. For the earlier history see 58 Hay Street.

This new house was originally 44 Hay Street and became 62 when Hay Street was renumbered in 1977. The first residents in 1976 were Maurice W & Jean M Day. Maurice was Manager of Barclays Bank, Stevenage and Jean a teacher. Maurice took early retirement and would happily share details of the generous package the Bank provided to tempt him into retirement. He served as Treasurer of the Tennis Club. They had two children Sheena and Graham.

In 1999 the Days sold to Roger D & Janet W Lane.

On 27 May 2009 the Lanes bought an area of land on the east side from ADH Developments LLP for £4000. This land was absorbed within the garden and the public footpath was moved to run to the east of the acquired land. No 62 acquired a similar area of land at the same time, which facilitated the re-routing of the public footpath.

On 18 August 2017 No 64 was bought by Kevin John Blake and Rebecca Susan Wright.

In 2020 a Planning Application was made to formally change the use of the extra land acquired in 2009 to garden land. This Application was successful and a copy of the decision document and site plan are below. In 2021 a further Application was made to erect a house on the extra land, but in June 2021 this Application was refused.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2021