House and Land in Hay Street,
Land at North Brook End/Bogs Gap
and Land in Ashwell Road/Station Road
sold in 1841


Auction Sale on behalf of the Trustees of John Mabbott (died 1825)
Held by Cockett and Nash of Royston on 29 June 1841 at The Bell Public House, Steeple Morden

Lots 1 and 2 are Two Trees in Hay Street and what was then adjoining land, Lot 3 is the plot of land on the corner of North Brook End and Bogs Gap, which today accommodates Ringdale and four other houses, Lots 4 to 8 are a block of land running the entire south-side of Ashwell Road, adjoining Station Road on the east, sub-divided for purposes of sale.

Names of Purchasers and prices paid are manuscript notations on the Particulars (this is the auctioneer’s sale copy.
Mr Titchmarsh appears to have been buying as agent for William Elbourn.

Lot 1  The Homestall and Home Allotment

Consisting of a cottage residence, containing parlor, living room, front entrance, wash-place, cellar, two sleeping rooms, light closet and long store room.

A paved yard with lead pump and well of never failing spring water; detached bakehouse and brewhouse, wood-house, coal-house, and poultry house; garden, and pasture fore ground, ornamented with some fine Chestnut trees, pleasantly shading the house, and sundry fruit trees dispersed.

Two stock yards with lead pump and trough to supply the same with water, chaise-house, upper and lower granary, lofty and well-timbered three-bay barley barn, three-bay wheat barn, with thrashing planks and two-bay-case for wheat adjoining, stabling for five horses, boarded chaff-house, and boarded cutting barn, cattle sheds and piggery, wheat case with fenced rick yard and lofty three bay waggon shed with fenced yard in front of same
by admeasurement 0a 2r 37p

Also an allotment of highly productive arable land immediately adjoining the home stall
by admeasurement 6a 1r 9p
Total 7a 0r 6p

Copyhold of Rectory Manor Land-tax [blank] Quit-rent   [blank]

Sold to Mr Strickland for £700

Lot 2  A Close of Pasture

 Adjoining Lot 1, called Bennet’s Close, containing 1a 1r 26p

Garden Ground adjoining, planted with fruit trees 0a 1r 30p

Copyhold of Shingay Manor Land-tax [blank] Quite-rent [blank]

Sold to Mr Pain for £140

Lot 3  A Plot of Arable Land

Between Towns, containing 1a 0r 15p

Copyhold of Rectory Manor

Sold to Titchmarsh for £100

 Lot 4  Part of an Allotment of Highly Valuable Arable Land

 In Mill Field: bounded by the road from Morden to Ashwell, north; and the road from Morden to Odsey, East; containing, by admeasurement 4a 0r 0p

Freehold Apportioned Land-tax [blank]

Sold to Mr Cooper for £280

 Lot 5  Another Plot of the Same Allotment

Bounded by the road to Ashwell, north; containing, by admeasurement 4a 0r 0p

The Purchaser is to make and maintain the fence next Lot 4

Freehold Apportioned Land-tax [blank]

Sold to Titchmarsh for £290

 Lot 6  Another Plot of the Same Allotment

Containing, by admeasurement 4a 0r 0p

The Purchaser is to make and maintain the fence next Lot 5

Freehold Apportioned land-tax [blank]

Sold to Kitchiner for £250

Lot 7  Another Plot of the Same Allotment

Containing, by admeasurement 3a 2r 12p

The Purchaser to make and maintain the fence next Lot 6

Sold to Wm Pain for £200

Lot 8  A Plot of Land

Having its frontage next the Odsey Road; by admeasurement 1a 3r 39p

1a 0r 36p is Copyhold of the Rectory Manor; the remainder is Copyhold of Steeple Morden, Browis and Odsey

Land-tax [blank] Quit-rent [blank] The Purchaser is to make and maintain the fences, north and west

Sold to Christmas for £75

 Conditions of Sale [Edited Excerpts as to Title]

4 The Vendor shall prepare an abstract of his title to the premises, as surviving trustee for sale under the will of the late John Mabbott, except as to Lot 2, the title of which is to be deduced from the late Joseph Dickason, deceased, and shall deduce a good title to the same.

5 The vendor shall not be required to give any evidence of the title to land received or awarded in exchange or allotted un the Steeple Morden Inclosure, or to prove or evidence the identity of any of the lands, allotments or hereditaments so given, or received, or allotted, prior to the award.

11 The vendor shall not be obliged to deduce or deliver any title to Lot 8 earlier than the surrender of William Bray Theobalds, in 1801, and the purchaser of Lot 2 shall accept the title of that lot, as deduced through the late Mr Joseph Dickason, and his Trustees; and require no other conveyance, but a surrender from the said trustees.


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