Sale of Three Freehold Tenements at Brook End by Mrs Mary Masters & others 1846

Mrs Mary Masters & others Sale 13 March 1846

The sale flyer is difficult to copy in its entirety and this is a transcript to aid reading:

At Brook End, Steeple Morden, Cambs

3 Freehold Tenements with Orchards, Yards and Barns Will be sold by Cockett and Nash at The Bell Public House

On Friday, the 13th day of March, 1846, at 5 o’clock

In the evening, in one lot, by order of the Proprietors.


A TENEMENT, containing Living Room, Dairy, two Bedrooms, a Loft over Dairy, with Barn, Fruit Room, and Garden, in the Occupation of William Pearce, at £6 10s. per annum.

A TENEMENT, containing Living Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Bedroom, and Barn adjoining, in the occupation of Wm. Goodchild, at £3 per annum.

A TENEMENT, containing Living Room, Bedroom on ground floor, Pantry, and Bedroom over Living Room, a Thatched Barn, with Orchard and Garden, in the occupation of John Parish, at £4 per annum.

The Front Yard, with Well of good Water, and Oven, used jointly.

The Property is sold subject to a Free Rent of 1s., payable annually to the Lord of the Manor of Browis and Odsey, and to the acknowledgement of Free Tenure; and also to Land Tax. It is bounded by the Estate of Mrs Theobalds South, The College Farm North, and the Village Roads East & West.

[Extracts from Conditions 4 & 5 as regards Title and Condition 8 as regards Timber]

Title shall commence with indentures dated 16th & 17th October 1798, being conveyance from William Shepherd (the then owner) to Edward Hall. It is supposed that many years since, some addition was made to the property by taking in part of the adjoining waste.

The vendors will retain a deed of settlement dated 25th and 26th June 1829 and any other deeds relating to the property.

The purchaser to pay additionally. for all timber growing on the property at valuation.

SOLD to Thos Hall for £290.

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