George Duke’s Estate Sale 6 November 1901

George Duke was a farmer, who lived at Home Farm, Cheyney Street and also farmed the St John’s College Farm at Brook End. He died in 1898 and this sale took place after his widow Harriett died in 1901. Home Farm and his main holdings passed to his son Herbert in 1898. The property in this sale appears to have been an investment portfolio.

Below is a copy of the particulars for the sale of his properties in eight Lots. In addition to Duke’s properties, there was also a Lot 9 a property in Hay Street sold for John Charter and results for the sale suggest that a further Lot 10 a property in North Brook End was sold for Herbert Hart.

In summary:

Page 1 Title Page

Page 2 Lot 1 is Bakehouse and Dwelling House on corner of Church Street and Cheyney Street.

Page 3 Lot 2 is Farm House, Cottage, Garden and Farm Buildings in Church Street, adjoining Lot 1.

Page 4 Lot 3 Garden Land, Station Road, in Church Field. 4a 3r 5p and Lot 4 Arable Land, Litlington Road. 4a 3r 3p.

Page 5 Lot 5 Arable Land, Brook End. 4a 0r 3p and Lot 6 Pasture, Royston Road 1a 1r 26p and Garden Land, Hay Street 1r 30p.

Page 6 Lot 7 Cottage, Barn and Garden, The Green, occupied Jesse Jarman and Lot 8 Pair of Cottages, Barn and Garden, The Green, adjoining Lot 7

Page 7 Lot 9 Dwelling House and Blacksmith’s Shop, Hay Street sold for John Charter.

Page 8 Transcript from Sale Conditions, with summaries of the Titles to the various properties.

Also newspaper notice of sale and reports of sale results.

William South, who bought Lots 1 & 2 was married to George Duke’s youngest daughter Alice Maud.

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