Shingay Manor Surrenders 1835 & 1869

in respect of Merry’s Farmstead 80 & 82 Hay Street 1835 & 1869

Document in possession of Mrs Florence Marjorie Foster, 82 Hay Street, Steeple Morden. Abstract made 14 December 1980  [MISC 27]

Absolute Surrender dated 25 Nov 1835 Chandler Merry to Charles Charter Manor of Shingay cum Wendy.

On 25 Nov 1835 came Chandler Merry late of Orwell now of Croydon farmer a customary tenant of the Manor. In consideration of £300 paid to him by Charles Charter of Steeple Morden thatcher in purchase of estate in fee simple……..

All that customary or copyhold messuage or tenement with the close of land and pasture to the same adjoining half an acre in Steeple Morden and late in the tenure or occupation of John Bellamy and now of Charles Charter.

Also, that allotment in the field called the Crofts in Steeple Morden one acre and a half allotted on Inclosure to Chandler Merry the elder father of Chandler Merry and now in occupation of Charles Charter.

All of which were the estate of the late Chandler Merry the elder and to which Chandler Merry the younger was admitted 27 September 1813 on the death….

Conditional Surrender by Charles Charter to Chandler Merry to secure £250 [or £200 as the 50 has been scratched out?] plus interest lent by Chandler Merry to Charles Charter.

Absolute Surrender 24 March 1869 Charles Charter to John Pearmain

Manor of Shingay cum Wendy

On 24 March 1869 came Charles Charter late of Steeple Morden now of Chesterton thatcher a customary tenant of the manor and did in consideration of £400 paid to him by John Pearmain of Steeple Morden farmer in purchase of the absolute estate in fee simple…into the hands of William Pain and William Pain Miller two other customary tenants of the Manor.

All that messuage or tenement now divided into and used as four dwellings and in the respective occupations of Thomas Hammond, James Pearce, Charles Clark and William Pearce with a close of land and pasture now partly used as an orchard to the same adjoining about half an acre formerly in tenure or occupation of John Bellamy and afterwards of Charles Charter [No 11 in margin]

And also all that other cottage or tenement sometime since erected or built upon or converted out of a barn or other building theretofore standing on part of the before mentioned close of land and pasture or orchard and now in the occupation of Jesse Pearce. [11a in margin. Mrs Foster said this is Rose Cottage owned by John and Kath Lunness]

And also all that allotment in the field called the Crofts adjoining the above mentioned close of land… acre and two roods but in the Inclosure and Map stated to contain one acre one rood and fourteen perches and allotted to Chandler Merry and late in the occupation of Charles Charter to which Charles Charter was admitted tenant on 22 June 1836 on surrender of Chandler Merry.

And also that plot of land containing six and a half perches lying in Hay Street and constituting the northernmost part of a certain other allotment of land containing twelve perches which was allotted on Inclosure to Chandler Merry, adjoining on north allotment to Earl of Hardwicke, on east by the homestead of Charles Charter (being the tenement first mentioned, on south by the residue of the same allotment lately sold by Charles Charter to the use of William Medlock, on the west by North Brook End Road.

And also all that messuage or dwelling house now and for some years past used as a Beerhouse with barn and outbuildings erected and built by Charles Charter upon part of the said lastly described plot of ground or partly thereupon and partly upon his said adjacent homestall. And which said messuage tenement or dwelling house is on land forming part if the twelve perches of land.

To the use of John Pearmain for ever.

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