Glebe Terrier 1639

A Glebe Terrier is survey or inventory of the glebe, lands and property in the parish owned by the Church of England and held by the clergyman as part of the endowment of his benefice.

This is a transcript of the Terrier prepared in 1639, at a time lands were generally held as scattered strips across the open fields. “butting East and West” or “butting North and South” describes the alignment of the strips, some went across and some up and down, as it were.

The original spelling, including capitalization, and grammar has been followed in this transcript.

The Terrier

A Terrier of ye glebe Landes and other perquisites belonging to the vicaridge of Steeple Morden dated April 12th Anno do: 1639

Inprimis In ye Croftes two acres and one halfe acre butting upon ye orchard

In ye within Streete in ye Church feeld

Inpr. Two halfe acres in ye midle shotte butting East and West

It. Two acres butting uppon Westbrook and one acre at ye upper end of them butting East and West

It. One acre in the Meare butting East and West

It. Seven roods at Benets baulke in ye North side butting East and West

It. Three acres and one halfe acre at Benets baulk on ye south side butting East and West

In the Outstreet

Inpr. One acre called the white acre butting on Ashwell street and one halfe acre at ye end of it uppon Cumgar Hill

It. In Crowditch three acres butting North and South

It. In Burnt Land one acre, butting on Odsey way lying East and West

It. Three acres butting upon London way lying East and West

It. In Hoggsly furlong one acre butting on Ashwell street lying North and South

It. Five roods lying beyond it in ye same furlong

In the Instreet in ye East feeld

Inpr. Two acres and one halfe butting uppon Ashwell Street

It. Three roods at ye end of it

It. One acre at Royston way butting uppon Hollywell head

The whole summe of ye arable land is twenty seven acres and three roods


It. The vicaridge house conteines seaven Lower roomes and fower upper roomes

It. One tenement adioning conteining three roomes

It. One Barne conteining three bays and a little stable adioyninge

It. One Orchard conteining half one acre one garden

It. One waniscoate seat in ye church next Mr Duckets seat

It. The church yard conteineth one acre


Thomas Kechener      vicarius

John Retchford     Churchwardens

John Marshall

Francis Bladha     sidesmen

Tho. Shipman X


Source: The original document is held within the Ely Diocesan Records, University Library, Cambridge


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