Index of Occupations listed in the Directories, with associated surnames

This is a listing of all the occupations recorded in the Directories published 1847 to 1937.

Occupation Surname
Baker Barnard, Christmas, Harper, Miller, Pain, South
Beer Retailer,

incl Publican, Innkeeper & Victualler

Anderson, Brand, Brown, Cambers, Carter, Charter, Christmas, Craft, Evans, Everitt, Farr, Flint, Free, Gentle, Gray, Grayling, Holloway, Hurrell, Izzard, Jarman, King, Kirbyshire, Moulden, Newell, Newland, Parrish, Pearce, Peck, Potton, Prout, Rayner, Reavell, Robinson, Rogers, Sharp, Skelton, Stowe, Walker, Williams, Willmott, Wilson, Worboys
Blacksmith Pepper, Savage
Bricklayer Morley
Builder Christmas, Worboys, Wright
Butcher Brockett, Humphrey, Jarman, Pateman, Pearmain
Carpenter Christmas, Parrish, Theobalds, Savage, Worboys
Carrier Hitch, Kerbyshire
Coal Merchant Fordham, Fordham & Howard
Contractor Wright
Corn & Flour Merchant Saunderson, South
Cowkeeper Hitch, Plumb
Cycle Agent Hart
Dog Breeder Featherstone
Draper Barker, Hall, Peck, Swan
Dressmaker Pateman
Farmer Ansell, Armstrong, Bedford, Bennett, Brockett, Charter, Christmas, Clark, Dew, Duke, Farr, Flitton, Fordham, Francis, Franklin, Frohock, Hall, Hunt, Inns, Jarman, Kirby, Kitchener, Lilley, Logsdon, Matthews, Muirhead, Pain, Parrish, Pateman, Pearce, Pearmain, Rayner, Reynolds, Russell, South, Stokes, Strickland, Towler, Townsend, Vinter, Westrope, White, Wilkerson, Wilkinson, Williams,Worboys
Farm Bailiff Acres, Case, Kingsley, Lindsey, Logsdon, Pearl, Peck, Phillips
Flour Merchant Saunderson, South,
Fruit Grower Berrett, Bolt, Franklin, Jarman, Pearce, Ward
Grocer Barker, Hall, Hitch, Peck, Swan
Hardware Dealer Gulliver
Haulage Contractor Williams
Higgler Daniels
Horse Dealer Pearce
Insurance Agent Swan
Joiner Brockett, Hart, Wright
Landowner Clifden, Flitton, Fordham, Hardwicke, Hunt, Inns, Lilley, Pain, Parrish, Pearmain, Robartes,
Letter Receiver See Post Office
Machinist Hunt
Market Gardener Jarman, Pearce, Roscoe
Miller Barker, Flitton, Kitchener, Saunderson, Webb
Motor Engineer Richardson
Offal Merchant Saunderson, South
Overseer, Assistant Roscoe
Parish Clerk Gray, Matthews, Newell
Police Constable Baker, Stapleton
Post Office Barker, Swan
Poultry Breeder Bayne-Jardine, Pepper, Saunderson
Poultry Dealer Franklin
Produce Merchant Pepper
Rate Collector Worboys
Rector See Vicar
Schoolmaster Broad, Evans, Griffiths, Hill, Rushton, Tennant
Schoolmistress Bryant, Charter, Cook, Eland, Reed, Westcott
Shoemaker Ball, Pearce
Shopkeeper Barker, Brockett, Christmas, Evans, Flitton, Hitch, Jarman, Newell, Peck, Williams
Smallholder Barnes, Jarman, King, Matthews, Oyston, Pearce, Saggers
Tailor Duke, Wilderspin
Vicar Bourchier, Brereton, Evans, Green, Martin, Orlebar
Wheelwright Dix, Worboys

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