No Name PH, Sharp, Cheyney Street

In the 1841 Census James Sharp is recorded as a beerhouse keeper at this cottage in Cheyney Street. Today it is a single dwelling No 7 Cheyney Street, Home Cottage. Back then it was a double tenement, although it appears that James Sharp was tenant of both tenements – probably necessary to accommodate the beerhouse as well as his family, which included daughter Susan with husband Rivers Pearce. By 1851 Rivers and Susan had moved to The Hoops on the Green, today No 30

It is not known how long this was a beerhouse, although probably not for a great period as no mention of it is made in the 1851 Census, when James has reverted to shoemaking – the trade of his father? It is possible he combined both occupations, as it was relatively rare to earn a living from beerhouse alone and often the wife did much of the beerhouse keeping, whilst the husband would have another employment.

A fuller history of this land and cottage may be found here 7 Cheyney Street, Home Cottage

Last Updated on February 28, 2023