The Fox PH, The Green

Since 1975 this property has been a private house – 34 The Green. For many years previously it was a shop and beerhouse. There was only ever one bar room and adjoining with a few steps down was a cellar, from whence your beer was drawn from the barrel. In its final years it was a fully licensed public house, which required the installation of a small quarter circle mahogany bar in the bar room. The serving of spirits could only be carried out from the security of a bar.



Dates Names Notes
1810=1848 Thomas Stacey
1848-1880 William B Gray
1881-1883 Mrs Wright Walkern Brewery
1883-1892 Exors of Mrs Wright
1892-1924 Messrs Wright
1924-1954 Simpsons Baldock Brewery
1954-1975 Greene King Biggleswade Brewery
1975-1993 Andrew John Pye & Anna Mary Pye
1993-Today Clive William Gilley

Tenants & Licensees

Dates Names Notes
1810-1845 Samuel Sabey/Seaby Carpenter
1846-1861 James Evans Victualler & shopkeeper
1861-1864 Mrs Susan Evans widow
1865-1881 Thomas Peck
1882-1883 James Moulden
1884 James Ward
1885-1890 Benjamin Willmott
1891-1892 Henry Holloway
1892-1933 Arthur George Jarman
1933-1935 Thomas Prout
1936-1945 Charles R Stowe
1946-1961 Emma Jane Stowe widow
1961-1973 William Haselgrove
1973-1975 Vacant
1975 onwards Owner Occupied Private House


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