The Bell PH, Cheyney Street

Also known as The Bell Inn and The One Bell. The Bell is now a private house 16 Cheyney Street.

The property was an inn from as early as 1737 and was part of the Steeple Morden Manor Estate, which was purchased by the Earl of Hardwicke in 1755. At that time it was described as: “Messuage called the Bell ale house with 1 acre of meadow late let to Richard Standford at rent of £6 per annum and now let to [blank] Chesham at £7 per annum.”

At the 1892 Wimpole Estate Sale it was bought by P and A H Meyer, brewers of Orwell. The Meyers brewing firm was bought by J and J E Phillips of the Royston Brewery in 1897 and in turn Phillips were bought by J W Green Ltd of Luton in 1949. Green changed their name to Flowers Breweries in 1954, which was bought by Whitbread & Co in 1961.

In October 1913 the property was struck by lightning.

In 1954 the Brewery sold a plot of land on the east end to the Cambridgeshire County Council for the erection of a police house, in the days when each village or so had their own policeman.

The Bell closed in 1957 and its licence was surrendered in March 1958. It was sold with adjoining land, by Flowers Breweries to Peter Prothero. It became the Prothero family home and Pete moved his motor garage business from Hay Street to new garage premises he had built in Cheyney Street.

Enclosure Map 1817

The Bell is the plot of land outlined in blue. The Bell itself is in the top left-hand corner. No specific reference is made to this property in the Enclosure Award.

Tithe Map 1839

The Bell plot is outlined in blue and is plot number 11. Description: owner Earl of Hardwicke and occupier Henry Theobalds & another. Bell PH 0a 3r 32p

Tenants of The Bell



?-1755 Richard Stanford
1755-1775 Thomas Chesham
1776-1781 Ann Chesham
1782 North Chesham
1783-1786 Ann Chesham
1787-1797 North Chesham
1798-1809 Pearce Janeway
1809-1817 John White (Wright)
1818-1822 Peggy White (Wright)
1822-1827 Abraham Pearmain
1824-1827 Peggy White
1828 Abraham Pearmain
1829 Peggy White
1830-1841 Abraham Pearmain
1841-1847 John Parrish
1847-1853 Charles Charter
1853-1859 Mary Charter
1860-1889 William Worboys
1889 Mary Ann Worboys
1889-1931 George Charles Brown
1931 Mary Brown
1932-1949 Frederick George Newland
1949-1957 Richard Pantry


Below are copies of the Census Returns 1841-1921 and the 1939 Register.

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