10 Station Road

A house standing on half of an ancient enclosure, which was part of a farm acquired by St John’s College, Cambridge in 1517 and 1527. The College sold the estate in Steeple Morden in 1956.

The ancient enclosure is shown on the Enclosure and Tithe Maps below and is the small plot, south of the Church, number 23.

There was an old thatched cottage on this plot in the past and the resident “Donkey” Hammond came out one morning to go to work and found that the fierce storm overnight had toppled a tree and it had fallen directly on the cottage. He merely glanced at this state of affairs, picked up his bike and cycled off to work.

This plot was sold on 26 May 1977 by Gladys Agnes Jarman to Richard Arthur and Wendy Ann Gilbert, who on 14 September 1987 added to it by acquiring a plot of farm land from the field at the rear from E W Pepper Ltd. The plot acquired extends behind No 12.


The owners, occupiers, descriptions and extents of plots as numbered on the Tithe Map 1839 below

Plot Owner Occupier Description Extent
22 Earl of Hardwicke John Willshire Garden & grove 1a 0r 17p
23 St John’s College John Morris Cottage & garden 0a 1r 4p
24 Earl of Hardwicke Henry Theobalds Allotment arable 2a 1r 30p
25 Thomas Goodchild Various Gardens arable 1a 2r 21p
26 Elizabeth Barker James Izzard Beerhouse etc 0a 1r 29p
27 Elizabeth Barker William Jarman Cottage & garden 0a 2r 18p
28 Elizabeth Barker William Tolt [Tott] Cottage & garden 0a 2r 20p
29 Earl of Hardwicke Bennet Charter Allotment arable 3a 0r 16p
30 John Holben Strickland Himself Close arable 1a 2r 32p
31 Elizabeth Barker Herself Arable 1a 2r 36p
32 Thomas Goodchild James Goodchild Mill Piece arable 1a 1r 0p
33 Elizabeth Barker Herself Mill House & gdn 0a 2r 4p

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