68 Hay Street

68 Hay Street stands on a plot of land that was historically part of the larger plot associated with 72 Hay Street. It is at the southern end and was acquired by Panda Builders (Bedford) Ltd, which built the house No 68 in 1974 and sold it 25 March 1975 to the first owners John Ernest David and Jacqueline Kay Stevens. On 20 August 2008 the then owners Ian Henry and Jill Birch extended the plot by acquiring land at the rear from ADH Developments Ltd, which had bought The White House with its land and after demolition developed Woodland Grange.

For the history of the whole original plot associated with No 72 see 72 Hay Street

68 to 76 Hay Street from the Air

The modern layout, including the land acquired at the rear may be seen from this aerial view. The access road to Woodland Grange and No 68 are at the bottom with Nos 76 and 78 at the top. Woodland Grange to the right.

Last Updated on June 23, 2020