11 Cheyney Street, Homedale

This is the main history of 11 Cheyney Street, although as it was a beerhouse for a short time, more details about that period are here The Plough, Cheyney Street


This house is on part of an historic dwelling site, originally an enclosure of about half an acre, believed to be from the common land of Steeple Morden Manor. On the Enclosure Map the full plot is outlined in red and originally probably included that part of the yellow outlined plot directly behind, which was split off to become 12 & 14 Hay Street.

The red outlined plot on the Enclosure Map 1817 was in the single ownership of Thomas Strickland and depicts what appears to be four cottages with a house to their right, fronting Cheyney Street.

On the Tithe Map 1839, the whole original plot has again been outlined in red. However, a small area of land had been sold off for the Chapel in 1835 and this is outlined in yellow and is number 83 [number illegible on map]. Parcel 86 between the yellow and blue lines is the four cottages by the roadside. Parcel 87 outlined in blue has a house on it and today this is 11 Cheyney Street, Homedale.  Plots 86 and 87 were still in the ownership of Thomas Strickland and details from the Tithe Apportionment are:

Parcel Owner Occupier Description Extent
83 Trustees of Meeting Trustees of Meeting Meeting and yard 0a 0r 11p
86 Thomas Strickland Samuel Christmas and others Cottage and garden 0a 1r 2p
87 Thomas Strickland Thomas Strickland Cottage and garden 0a 0r 22p


Thomas Strickland the owner was born in Steeple in 1796, although by 1835 he was resident at Potton and was a brewer and farmer. Thomas Strickland the tenant of parcel 87 was a distant relation, although the exact relationship has not been proven.

When Built?

The land plot has all the indications of an ancient dwelling site, although this house is clearly not “ancient”, so may be considered a “modern” replacement. From appearance and documentary clues it is likely it was built for Thomas Strickland, not long after he acquired the land in 1832. A date of 1835 appears a very good fit. In the Rowley Son & Royce of Royston, Surveyors’ Day Book there is reference to costing of work by Abraham Pearmain (carpenter & builder) for Thomas Strickland dealt with on 30 April 1835. It takes up eleven pages, so was extensive. Typical of that time the walls of the house are built of clay block.

Listed Building

Listing details: Grade II since 18 November 1983

House. Early to mid C19. Possibly clay bat with roughcast render. Slated hipped roof. Two gault brick stacks. Plastered brick plinth. Asymmetric facade of two storeys. Four-panelled door with rectangular fanlight and C20 gabled canopy. Two flanking ground floor flush-framed sixteen-paned hung sash windows and three similar smaller, first floor windows. Included for group value.


Enclosure Map 1817

The plot outlined in red was in single ownership in 1817, but subsequently evolved into Nos 5, 7 & 11 Cheyney Street. Originally, an ancient residential plot, which would have been around half an acre and it probably stretched back to include part of the land outlined in yellow (the part directly behind). The yellow plot as a whole became Nos 12 & 14 Hay Street. There are several cottages or tenements at the front with a house on the right - No 11. Homedale

Tithe Map 1839

By 1839 the original plot outlined in red, had been split into three. The yellow land is the Chapel sold by Thomas Strickland in 1834 for £30. The plot between the yellow and blue has the four cottages, later reduced to two and then a single dwelling No 7 and the blue plot is No 11 Homedale.

Owners of 11 Cheyney Street, Homedale

This list is as complete as current information allows. The owners prior to 1902, also owned the four tenements to the west of Homedale. Homedale, itself, last changed ownership on 31 May 2022.


Dates Name Notes
1773 William Huckell & Elizabeth Huckell Baker
? Henry Dodkin Yeoman
? William Betts Thurley & Elizabeth Thurley
1832-1872 Thomas Strickland Brewer of Potton, died 1872
1872 -1876 Thomas Strickland, Exors of
1877-1892 Alfred Richardson Brewer of Biggleswade

and Potton

1893 Walter Pepper
1894-1902 Edward Worboys
1902-1915 John Jarman
1915-1917 Naomi Jarman Widow of John
1918-1920 ?
1920-1923 John Thomas Solomon & Ellen Eliza Solomon
1924 ?
1925 John Sheldrick
1926-1928 ?
1929-1933 Sidney Kirby & Bertha Kirby
1933-1938 ?
1939-1955 James T Turnham & Violet Turnham
1955-1956 Frederick W Wilkinson, Gwendoline M Wilkinson & Frances M Purssell
1957-1961 Gwendoline M Wilkinson & Frank D Ridge
1964-1966 William J Fenton & Edith A Fenton
1967-1975 David Forrester & Anthonia M C Forrester
1976-1980 Stephen Townson, Denise M Townson & Constance W Lenton
1981-1983 Denise M Townson & Constance W Lenton
1984-1996 Clive B Bower & Cornelia J Bower
1997 Vacant?
1998-1999 Mark Arnold & Sally A E Arnold
2000-2001 ?
2002-2003 Murray J Lohoar & Jane Elizabeth Wilson
2003-2022 Jane Elizabeth Wilson
2022-Today Thomas O Cassidy Gray & Lauragh Alexandra Flood


Occupiers of 11 Cheyney Street, Homedale

Since 1902 it is believed this property has been owner-occupied.


Dates Occupier Notes
1839 Thomas Strickland
1841 Thomas Strickland Grocer
1851 George Edwards Tailor
1861-1880 James Potton Publican
1881 George Lindsay Publican & Ag Lab
1882 Charles Waller
1883 George Davis
1884-1889 John Gray
1890-1893 Walter Pepper
1894-1895 Vacant?
1896-1898 George Duke
1899 Exors of George Duke
1900-1901 Harriet Duke
1901-1902 Exors of Duke


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