Cheyney(s) Lodge Farm, Odsey

An ancient manor in Steeple Morden, previously held by the Bishop of Winchester, was granted by the King in 1284 to William de Cheyney, a knight from the Channel Islands. By 1400 the manor was known as Cheyneys and remained in the ownership of descendants until 1829, when it was sold to Joshua Lilley of Bassingbourn.

Prior to Parliamentary Enclosure that began in 1806, the land belonging to the Manor would have been scattered across the communal open fields. The land holding after Enclosure in 1816 totalled about 445 acres, split between 170 acres adjoining Cheyney Manor farmhouse, at the east end of Cheyney Street and 275 acres at Odsey. Four allotments were made at Odsey and details and map are below. No buildings are shown at Odsey on the Enclosure Map.

In 1848 George Lewis Lilley inherited the Cheyney Manor estate on the death of his father Joshua. George was living at Wallington and still there in the 1851 census, but George had a house built at Odsey and there is evidence he was living there by 1855, suggesting Cheyney Lodge farmhouse was built 1851-1854. It became known as Cheyney(s) Lodge Farm and the holding in the village became Cheyney Water Farm and the two holdings were run separately.

In 1859 George Lilley sold the Cheyney Manor estate at auction, split across thirteen lots although the two main lots were Cheyney Water Farm sold to S Wilkerson of Barley and Cheyney Lodge Farm sold to S H Fordham. Cheyney Lodge was Lot 1 and described as The Lodge Farm – a newly-erected commodious residence. The full description is given below in the Sale Particulars. It remained in the ownership of the Fordham family for many years.

Enclosure Award and Map 1806-1817

Allotments to Lord Willoughby de Broke in lieu of freehold open field lands and rights of sheepwalk and common, seven freehold allotments. [Three allotments are close to Cheyney Water Farm in the village and the other four at Odsey]

Fourth Allotment. 113a 3r 35p in High Field. North-west allotment to Samuel Flitton, north-east & east Odsey Way Road, south-west Ashwell Road to Baldock, elsewhere Guilden Morden.

Fifth Allotment. 7a 3r 3p in High Field. North-east Ashwell Road to Baldock, south old inclosure called Penny Loaf Hill, south & west Guilden Morden.

Sixth Allotment 20a 2r 8p on Odsey Heath. North and north-west old inclosure called Penny Loaf Hill, east Odsey Way Road, south-east Turnpike road Royston to Baldock., west Guilden Morden.

Seventh Allotment. 134a 0r 35p in High Field and Odsey Heath. North private road, north-east & east allotment to Hardwicke, south-east Turnpike road Royston to Baldock, west & south-west Odsey Way Road.


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