John Sharp – Absconding shoemaker

Advertisement in Cambridge Chronicle 28 July 1792



ABSCONDED, May 31, 1792, from Steeple Morden

Morden, in Cambridgeshire, JOHN SHARP, aged 53

years, by trade a Cordwainer, about 5 feet 4 inches high; dark

 brown hair (bald headed) dark eyes, had on when he went

away, a light coloured strait coat, dark brown great coat, and a

 shoemaker’s apron – he goes with his head on one side, inclining

 to the left shoulder.

This is to inform the said John Sharp, that if he does not

return home in a month from the date of this advertisement

that his effects will be sold for the benefit of his creditors.

And any person that can give certain intelligence where he may

  be found, shall receive ONE GUINEA reward, by applying to

             his wife, Mrs Sharp, of Morden aforesaid.

July 11th 1792


Introduction to the Sharp family

John married Susan Fox in 1768 at Steeple Morden and they were both described as “of this parish”, although their previous history is not known. He left Susan with six children to care for, aged from 7 to 21 years.

At some point, John returned as his death is recorded at Steeple in 1800 and he is buried in the Church yard.

One of his children James married Sarah Christmas, the daughter of a brewer. In 1841 James is recorded as a beerhouse keeper in Cheyney Street, although he seems to have earned his living mainly shoemaking, like his father and some agricultural labouring. It is possible that James lived in the cottage in Cheyney Street from his marriage in 1803, until his death in 1856.

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