Vicar’s New Year’s Address 1878-1886

The Rev. Walter Bourchier, Vicar of Steeple Morden, 1874 to 1886, decided to exhort his parishioners to a more Christian way of living, whilst at the same time recording the events of the past year. He chose to achieve this through a printed four page leaflet, published on the 1st day of January. One imagines these were delivered to each house in the parish, as leaving a pile on a “please take one” basis in the Church would be unlikely to have spread the message widely enough.

In addition to uplifting passages, baptisms, marriages and burials are recorded, along with the winners of Sunday School Prizes and holders of various offices from Churchwarden to Player of the Harmonium. The School Teachers feature regularly.

Below are copies of the Addresses and as can be seen the condition of the surviving originals varies. No copy of the 1882 Address could be found for reproduction.

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Last Updated on April 17, 2023